Скачать atcs c60 mag стандартная версия - оригинальные версии windows 7 максимальная

Bespoke interactive voting unit for the ATCS-60 infrared conference system Works with ATCS-60 MAG control software; Option which may be added to the. ATCS-A60MX. ATCS-60 Long Range Antenna Mixer. High power antenna for the ATCS-60 conference system; You can operate up to 4 infrared transmitters and. 2011 ATCS-V60 with a vote function is added to the lineup of ATCS-60 series. ATCS series Vote system exclusive for IR conference system ATCS-60 series. ATCS-C60. Master Control Unit. The number of units with priority settings can be selected; Option for FIFO “First In First Out” or FILO “First In Last Out” modes.

Atcs c60 mag стандартная версия
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